11 Most Expensive Water Brands In The World (Ranking)

Water is one of the defining characteristics of Earth. It’s the driving force behind nearly every aspect of life and without it, almost everything we know would cease to exist.

The lengths people will go to for the best water in the world are seemingly limitless. Whether it’s scouring the most remote islands, harvesting giant icebergs, or sucking the water directly out of the Amazon rainforest’s air, the creativity just doesn’t stop.

Against intuition, some of the most expensive water bottles in the world don’t focus on what is contained within. Instead, they bring together a creative touch with extravagant materials such as diamonds and other precious gems to create valuable works of art.

Whatever the source, the best bottled water brands available today all bring something special to the table.

The 11 most expensive water brands

BLVD – $27 per liter

most expensive water in the world blvd review - Luxe Digital

Now that the world has reached an estimated 8 billion people in population, finding truly clean and pure water sources isn’t as easy as it used to be. But in Tasmania, an island off the southeast tip of Australia, 40% of the land is still covered in lush rainforest.

And if you go even deeper by drilling 20 meters into the bluestone bed, you can find clean water filtered by nature and ready to quench your thirst. And that’s exactly what BLVD has done.

Country: Australia
Source type: Spring
Price per bottle: $20 for 750 ml

Berg – $31 per liter

most expensive water in the world berg review - Luxe Digital

Newfoundland, Canada is a remote and rugged island with stunning beauty around every corner. But it’s not the island that provides this water source.

Berg harvests and melts massive pieces of icebergs that have broken off into the ocean, many of which were once part of 15,000-year-old glaciers from western Greenland.

Country: Canada
Source type: Iceberg
Price per bottle: $23 for 750 ml

Minus 181 – $44 per liter

most expensive water in the world minus 181 review - Luxe Digital

One of the most expensive water brands in the world, Minus 181 has done a lot of work to bring fresh water to your table. 

By punching a 181-meter-deep (hence the name) drill down into a pocket of water encased between two impenetrable layers of Ice-Age clay, Minus 181 has tapped into a water source with exceptional quality and a well-balanced taste.

Country: Germany
Source type: Deep well
Price per bottle: $30 for 681 ml

ROI – $60 per liter

most expensive water in the world roi review - Luxe Digital

The Roitschocrene spring is the source of ROI’s water, and according to legend, it is the location where Apollo instructed Pegasus to strike down a hoof and open up this spring.

Today, the water coming from here is the most magnesium-rich water around and can provide a multitude of health benefits when enjoyed in moderation.

Country: Slovenia
Source type: Spring
Price per bottle: $30 for 500 ml

Uisge Source – $60 per liter

most expensive water in the world uisge source review - Luxe Digital

An excellent Scottish Whisky should be enjoyed for its pure elegance. You don’t want to mess around with the distinct flavors that come from the peat soil and natural waters used in the distilleries.

While a dash of water can open up the aromas and flavors, it can also be devastating if the quality isn’t up to par. With Uisge Source’s Three Regions Set, you can pair your dash of water accurately with the Scotch of choice, whether it’s from the Highlands, Speyside, or Islay malts.

Country: Scotland, UK
Source type: Spring
Price per bottle: $18 for 3 x 100 ml

Svalbarði Polar Blue Ice Edition – $125 per liter

most expensive water in the world svalbarði polar blue ice edition review luxe digital

Not all brands of water are the same. Svalbarði has set out to make a difference in the world by combining the demand for ultra-pure water with the need for scientific funding.

Their Limited Blue Ice Edition water celebrates the glacial colors found at 78° north, where a team of talented glaciologists and scientists travel on a dedicated research expedition to collect samples.

The water is harvested from icebergs sourced in the fjords around the Svalbard islands, giving a taste of arctic purity while also supporting a worthy research endeavor.

Country: Norway
Source type: Iceberg
Price per bottle: $94 for 750 ml

Evian Virgil Abloh – $207 per liter

most expensive water in the world evian virgil abloh review - Luxe Digital

Evian water can be found all over the world at reasonable prices. But their collaboration with visionary artist Virgil Abloh has turned a line of their products into some of the most expensive water bottles in the world.

The stylish bottles are designed to inspire sustainable actions, which Evian has already put to the forefront with a new energy-neutral biogas plant.

Country: Germany
Source type: Spring
Price per bottle: $155 for 750 ml

NEVAS deklart – $1,042 per liter

most expensive water in the world nevas deklart review luxe digital

Sometimes the most expensive water in the world isn’t actually about what’s inside. And that’s the case for these limited-edition fancy water bottles from NEVAS.

The deklart series of magnum-sized water bottles are works of art completed by Dennis Klapschus. He brings his bright and playful take on Walt Disney characters to the exterior of these bottles and lets your imagination go wild.

Country: Germany
Source type: Well
Price per bottle: $1,562 for 1.5 L

Ô Amazon Bird of Revelation – $2,784 per liter

most expensive water in the world o amazon bird of revelation review - Luxe Digital

By harnessing the so-called “flying rivers” of the Amazon rainforest, Ô Amazon brings some of the best bottled water to the world.

Their patented technology harvests water produced by the trees, and they use the profits to sponsor projects focused on sustainable development and preservation of the area.

Their typical bottle sells for around $83, but a collaboration with artist Duda Penteado has created some of the most expensive bottles of water in the world.

Country: Brazil
Source type: Air-water generator
Price per bottle: $2,088 for 750 ml

Bling H2O The Ten Thousand – $3,600 per liter

most expensive water in the world bling h2O the ten thousand review - Luxe Digital

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re about to dive deep into specialty expensive water bottles that blow away the price of Larq water bottles. In this case, we’re turning to over ten thousand Swarovski Crystals used on one of the most expensive bottled water in the world.

Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand series is custom-ordered and can be made in virtually any color combination desired. Make a statement by ordering your own. It is sure to be a unique conversation starter.

Country: United States
Source type: Spring
Price per bottle: $2,700 per 750 ml

Fillico Jewelry Black King – $14,463 per liter

most expensive water in the world fillico jewelry black king review - Luxe Digital

Fillico sits at the throne atop the list for the most expensive water in the world. And the jewels featured on many of their bottles are the perfect accompaniment for royal receptions and other glamorous events, blowing away the usual list of best water bottles.

By creating a variety of limited-edition choices, one can select from an entire lineup of luxury water bottles ranging from around $360 per 750 ml bottle, all the way up to the most expensive Black King.

The exquisite appearance is paired with spring water from the Kobe region of Japan, making for the best all-around experience and the most expensive bottled water available today.

Country: Japan
Source type: Spring
Price per bottle: $10,413 for 720 ml

Acqua di Cristallo – $107,200 per liter

most expensive water in the world acqua di cristallo review - Luxe Digital

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the world record holder for the most expensive water ever sold. While the one-time auction sale in 2010 had the proceeds going to fight climate change and is unlikely to be repeated, it was a historical moment for pricey water.

The most expensive bottle of water ever sold is one Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani. It sourced the water from springs in France and Fiji, plus a glacier in Iceland. Oh yeah, there’s also 5 mg gold dust sprinkled inside and the entire 750 ml bottle is coated in 24k gold.

In 2010, it was sold by Planet Foundation A.C. at auction in Mexico City for 774,000 Mexican pesos, equivalent to $80,400 US today.

Country: Spain
Source type: Spring and glacier
Price per bottle: $80,400 for 750 ml

Beverly Hills 9OH2O – $232,800 per liter

most expensive water in the world beverly hills 9OH2O review - Luxe Digital

There aren’t too many people who would spend over $200,000 for a liter of water, but those who want to once had the option to.

The Beverly Hills 9OH2O Diamond Edition was once available in 2018 for $100,000 per 500 ml bottle, or $116,400 when inflation-adjusted for today. Designed and created by a Beverly Hills jeweler, the otherwise normal looking bottle is topped with a cap containing 850 tiny diamonds and is filled with California spring water.

The company’s website has information for a 2022 pre-order, but the California Secretary of State shows the Beverly Hills Drink Company is no longer in good standing and the social media feeds have been silent since 2017. However, some reports indicate the brand might have reopened in a different country.

Country: United States
Source type: Spring
Price per bottle: $116,400 for 500 ml

Expensive water brands: conclusion

By going to extremes to find the best water in the world, the most expensive water brands can charge premium prices for their fancy water.

Some venture to remote parts of the world, while a lucky few sit at the base of fresh springs that bring high-quality H2O directly to their feet. Against intuition, the most expensive water bottles might not put much emphasis on what’s inside at all.

Artist collaborations might inflate the price of some of these expensive water bottles, but they also are bringing needed resources and energy to sustainability efforts across the globe. And at the end of the day, we’re all in this boat together.

So next time you throw down less than $5 on a bottle of water, it might seem like a bargain. After all, other people are paying more than $10,000 for a single bottle of Fillico Jewelry Black King.

For now, the most expensive water brands are:

  1. Fillico Jewelry Black King: $14,463 per liter
  2. Bling H2O The Ten Thousand: $3,600 per liter
  3. Ô Amazon Bird of Revelation: $2,784 per liter
  4. NEVAS deklart: $1,042 per liter
  5. Evian Virgil Abloh: $207 per liter
  6. Svalbarði Polar Blue Ice Edition: $125 per liter
  7. Uisge Source: $60 per liter
  8. ROI: $60 per liter
  9. Minus 181: $44 per liter
  10. Berg: $31 per liter
  11. BLVD: $27 per liter

Frequently asked questions about the most expensive water

What is the rarest water in the world?

The rarest water in the world is Ô Amazon’s patented air-water, harvested in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. Both Svalbarði and Berg harvest icebergs to obtain extremely rare water too, while Minus 181 has drilled deep under the surface to collect some of the purest water available.

What is the most expensive water bottle in the US?

The most expensive water bottle in the US is the Bling H2O The Ten Thousand. It is a 750 ml water bottle covered in ten thousand Swarovski Crystals and can be custom-ordered in a nearly limitless array of colors.

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