25 Indian Spiritual (ॐ) Om Tattoo Designs 2021

The word “Om” (ॐ) has an exceptional value spiritually and religiously. Om, which has an upward and downward curve as a symbol, beautifully depicts the start and end of life, in fact, the source of life. The Om tattoo designs have gained immense popularity of late following a vivid exposure to the eastern religion manuscripts, popularly followed by Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain communities for many centuries.

This has inspired many tattoo artists, for the exceptional meaning and the value Om tattoo designs hold. Although most people like to be inked with spiritual symbols, especially the Hindu om tattoo, not many know the om tattoo meaning in a real sense.

Hidden Meaning Of The Om (ॐ) Sign:

Om according to the Deva Bhasha Sanskrit actually is a syllable that has three sounds “aa” “oo” and “maa”. While the three sounds are referred to as the three main Hindu deities, the syllable is widely used in almost every Sanskrit prayer. Om is “something that has no Aadi and no Antham,” which means there is no start no end, which is the essence of the life (Janma) taught by most gurus.

Most of the Indian om tattoos and the other ohm symbol tattoo designs although look very trendy and stylish, they still retain the vital spiritual touch.

25 Traditional Unisex Om Tattoo Designs:

Here are some traditional om tattoo designs for both men and women you can quickly pick and get inked.

1. Indian Ganesh Om Tattoo Design:

The Indian Ganesh Om tattoo is an authentic Indian tattoo design portraying Lord Ganapati holding a flower in his hand giving out a pleasant yet spiritual feel. The Ganesha’s head is rounded, and the arches of the om flow into each other quite naturally. The design is not complicated and is very enchanting. The Ganapathi is fitted in such a way to give this tattoo a perfect look. The flow of the Ganapati trunk and the word om is written in their best way to make it look very natural.

2. Gautama Buddha Om Tattoo Design:

The Gautama Buddha Om tattoo is a complicated yet very mesmerizing tattoo design. It has a meditating Buddha inside the om tattoo design. The face of Lord Buddha with closed eyes makes it a modern Indian tattoo design idea. This makes it look really appealing.

3. Complicated Om Tattoo Designs:

This design again has a Buddha drawing included in it. This time the tattoo is enhanced by adding earthy colours to it. This has the om symbol that is inked in shades of black on the arms. The flow of the design is really amazing, and the detailing, with dots, chakras, eyes and the lotus flower, is just perfect for any follower of Buddha.

4. Simple Om Tattoo On Hand:

This is a simple yet mind-blowing om tattoo design. It is adorable, small and has minimal detailing. But it still looks gorgeous.

This small om symbol is inked in jet black colour that has simple flowy black patterns and curves to complete the look. It is one of the cutest om symbol tattoos.

5. Trishul Of Shiva Om Tattoo Design:

The design of this tattoo is really appealing. This has too many details that only professionals can create. This om tattoo has the Trishul of Shiva, and the whole tattoo is a replica of Shiva. This tattoo with sides highlighted efficiently actually is giving out a 3d effect with an amazing vibrant look.

6. Half Sun Om Tattoos:

This tattoo design is simple, with an astonishing look. This has half Surya (the sun) as its border. The om inside the sun gives it a spiritual and modern yet ethnic look.

7. Om Tattoo Designs On Neck:

The flow of this tattoo is just amazing. Its simple design gives this a very ethnic look. This design looks graceful with long lines and curves made by the om symbol in this tattoo. If you see this very clearly, you can observe that the om also looks like being inside the heart, which may be the best message by the one who has this tattoo. This is one of the best om tattoos.

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8. Om Tattoo Design With Star:

This design has a starry border which is just amazing. This adds elegance to the overall look of the tattoo. The design is just not filled that looks cluttered sometimes. Many parts of the section are kept a little empty to highlight the om design. This is a great tattoo idea.

9. 3D Om Tattoo Designs:

If you are looking to flaunt a 3d om tattoo design, this one can be the best. This is styled with strong flowing lines. This om tattoo has an outline that is shaded to give this a touch of 3d effect. The flow of the tattoo is simply marvellous. The highlight and shadow in the om design give this a 3d effect. Also, the sides of the design look like a sword that gives a masculine touch to this tattoo.

10. Om Namah Shivaya Tattoo Design:

There is the full presence of lord Shiva included in this design. The tattoo looks amazing mainly because it is highlighted with some earthy red-brown colour. The presence of Shiva is made very beautifully and very creatively. The shape of om has the face of a smiling Shiva that makes it a modern Indian design. This tattoo symbolizes peace and prosperity. Shiva, when combined with om, gives a peaceful mind, body and soul.

11. Sun Om Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo is for an ardent fan of spiritual consciousness with a little favouritism to Hinduism. This has om inside a circle which is then extended with the sun rays that reflect lord Surya. This has strong lines of the om that draws anyone’s eye to this bold tattoo. This is surrounded by delicately lined patterned sun rays in the tattoo design. The fire patterns frame in the symbol is just amazing. The detailing of om is done very efficiently, for it is clearly visible even from a distance.

12. Om Tattoo Designs with Effects and letters:

This is the most unique of all the om tattoo designs. This has om that is highlighted with a tinge of red colour, giving it a perfect background. Then this is covered with the triangle mark which has the “Chandra Bindu” over it. This whole image is shown inside the eye and the pupil that resembles the third eye of Shiva. This tattoo design also has sun rays to complete the look, which is again highlighted with a lighter shade. The tattoo portrays a visual message, “grant me serenity”.

13. Elegant Om Tattoos with a Touch of Beauty:

This beautiful om design tattoo has carefully added curves, paisley motifs, and flower petal shapes that make this a traditional om tattoo design. The design incorporates some Mehendi designs giving it a look of traditional Mehendi with a tinge of ethnicity.

14. Om Tattoo Designs On Hand:

This om tattoo design is complicated of all. This is something that only a designer or professional tattoo artist can do for you. The flow of writing om is just amazing that is surrounded by dots and two circles. The bottom of om is filled with writing “Datta Narayan”, which means god. The circle is adjoined with the flower petals, which are not feminine. This is again filled with loads of dots. The upper part of the tattoo has horns that resemble a bull.

This also has three eyes of Lord Shiva at the top pest part of it. The patterns in the design are huge, which adds to its beauty.

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15. Maha Mrityunjaya/ Tryambakam Mantra Om Tattoos:

The style of writing om in this design is amazing and the best of all. This om is surrounded by a Sanskrit shloka – the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. This mantra is also called the Tryambakam mantra. The om is framed in a circular line of this mantra symbolizes the eternal circle of life. This resembles the third eye Shiva lord. This whole chant is encircled by the Trishul and an eye on the top. Also, the sides have three pillars on each side and the Trishul end at the bottom.

16. Geometric Om Tattoo Designs:

Here is a unique Om tattoo design. Geometric lovers widely accept this om tattoo design includes Om design in black which is surrounded by several box designs. The tattoo is made with a black and white shading design which looks quite trendy on the backside for a full vision. A simple Om with a dark outline gives a digital look to the tattoo. The tattoo design also gives a message to the people that the solution to all your life problems is Om which means peace and eternity.

17. Om Tattoo Designs with Quotes:

The youth today are very much attracted to having quote tattoos. A similar tattoo is made using Om, along with a quote about fate and luck. Made from black ink, the tattoo is made on the wrist with curvy designs with quotes printed on it. The end of the tattoo is made with an Om tattoo. The attractive fonts add to the beauty of the tattoo, which symbolises the trust in hard work. The tattoo henceforth defines the nature, thoughts or principles of life the men are living with.

18. Tribal Om Tattoo On Hand:

The youth has always selected tribal om tattoo designs for a funky and inspirational look. Similarly, a tribal tattoo with an Om design gives the best Om tattoo design in this category. The tattoo is made with dark black ink and given several curves moving out of the Om design to give it a tribal look.

19. Colourful Floral Om Tattoos:

Looking for something religious and colourful too? A colourful Om tattoo along coupled with an astonishing flower is the best you can carry on your body. The Om tattoo on the neck is designed in a black ink border with two lovely curves in opposite directions. The centre of the flower is given yellow colour with the Om design in dark black which shows the glory of the symbol. Om is a symbol of peace and prosperity, while the lotus flower is the symbol of purity and rebirth.

20. Om with Shiva Tattoo:

This truly ethnic Om symbol tattoo is at its best hosting Lord Shiva. Om originates from Lord Shiva, and the design shows the same. The design is made with all the symbols of Shiva such as the Damru, Trishul and Omkar. The base is designed with a Damru while the middle portion is half given the look of a Trishul and half the face of Lord Shiva. The top of the tattoo is designed with the Om with simple outlines. The design symbolises the true role of God, the creator, preserver and the destroyer.

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21. Om Tattoo For Girls On Hand:

This elegant yet unique om tattoo design presents spiritual motive and the two Rudrakshas, the most powerful beads that lord Shiva wears upon him, are beautifully designed on the top and bottom sides of the tattoo. The little feathery extension towards the end makes the tattoo more exquisite and truly feminine in nature.

22. Small Om Style Tattoo Design:

This quintessential om tattoo design on the hands displays a sense of value and richness for culture. Namaskar, the traditional Indian “hello” done by bringing two palms together is exquisitely enriched with this beautiful om tattoo carefully partitioned to fit the sides of either of the palms. The Om symbol looks complete only when one does a Namaskar. This design is the most inspirational om tattoo in trend right now! How beautiful! Isn’t it?

23. Om Tattoo Design on Fingers:

This is one of the most sought designs for girls. Most young girls or even those who are a little older but are spiritually inclined like this tattoo. The Om design tattoo, which is one of the most loved designs by celebrity women, is a permanent and beautiful replacement for rings that have been engraved on them. This design is the fanciest in trend now!

24. 3D Om Tattoo Designs for Men:

This most colourful tattoo is a 3D look one with a tinge of beauty, power and richness overloaded. The richness of the lotus booming alongside the most elegant om symbol adds great value to these 3D tattoo designs.

25. Om Tattoo for a Beautiful Back:

This extraordinary floral enriched tattoo turns a woman’s back into nature’s delight. This design is not so complicated but takes in a good amount of effort to add value. Also, the multi-colour shades are carefully inked to give the tattoo a perfect look.

Simple Om Tattoo Designs, Ideas And Pictures:

om tattoo designs hold great meaning. Sometimes it differs from person to person, but for all, it has something that is attached to their souls. Some people do it because they like their name and feel like inking it. Some also take it as a trend and tattoo their om.

Additional Tips to Retain the Elegance of Om Tattoos:

Now that you know which om tattoo goes where and how they are made, here are a few tips for you to retain that elegance!

  • Be sport! Choose the design that best suits your skin tone.
  • Pick the one that you can flaunt! So get it inked on the body part you can flaunt. If you are not comfortable flaunting your back, what’s the point in spending so much and getting inked there?
  • Choose colours wisely. Certain colours do not go well with certain skin tones. So choose the colours according to your skin texture.
  • Make it a point to talk to your tattoo artist and show him your choice of design well in advance.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Have patience. Choose smartly and go for it!


Be it on the wrist, finger, arm, neck or the back, and the om tattoo designs are too good to skip getting inked! The next time you are at the tattoo store, you know what to get inked! When you get one of these designs inked on yourself, please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Happy Tattooing!

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