9 Adorable Ganesh Mehndi Designs to Try In 2022

Ganesh mehndi designs are an integral part of personal choice and style to decorate the hands during festivals and occasions. Among all the festivals the most vibrant festival is Ganesh Chaturthi also called as Vinakaya Chaturthi.

There are hundreds of Ganesha mehndi designs to make all the women’s feel more excited about the festival and also to apply the Mehendi designs on their hands.

A unique effect is experienced with Lord Ganesha sitting peacefully on the palm as a henna design. The mesmerizing colour of mehndi with beautiful patterns looks more enchanting with the Ganpati motif gives an appealing look for the hands.

Ganesha Symbolized for?

Ganesha Mehndi designs are simple and unique; some designs will be stunning as well. A lovely depiction on the palm with red Ganesha henna looks gorgeous. Who prefers to be creative can create their chose of Ganesh Mehandi design and apply. It gives an outstanding appearance for the hands.

9 Beautiful Ganesh Mehndi Designs with Pictures:

Here are The 9 Eye-Catching Ganesh Mehndi Designs with Pictures:

1. Ganesh Mehndi Design For Palm:

This Ganesha Mehandi can be done especially for weeding. This mehndi design involves a deep, dark finger corner with a heart shape filled with a bride and groom design on one palm and the image of Ganesh on the other hand of the palm. It symbolizes the presence and blessings of Lord Ganesh in the heart.

2. Traditional Small Ganesh Mehandi Art on The Palm:

This is a small yet stylish Ganesha mehndi design. Many other designs involve complicated strokes but this is exactly representing the only Ganesha. Those who prefer to be traditional; this simple mehndi design is perfect. This design doesn’t require spending more time as it is a pattern in mehndi designs.

3. Ganesh Mehandi Design for Wedding:

Mehendi is a very important part of Indian marriages. The bride likes to wear the most opulent Mehendi designs on this special day. Ganesha as the design will be something very different among all the other designs. It is a symbol of Lord Ganesha to give blessings for the complete wedding.

4. Ganesh Mehndi For Religious Purpose:

This amazing Ganesh Mehendi design will surely make everyone speechless. One hand is covered with the symbol of OM and Ganesha, the other hand has an elephant which is also a symbol of Ganesha. This design will bring more charm for the hands it can be used for all the religious festivals.

5. Ganapati Design Mehandi During Festivals:

This design gives a charm to the hand till the wrist. It has given a Ganesha on the complete palm with few intricate strokes on the wrist and fingers. There are different styles and variations in the Mehandi patterns. This design will be good for festivals; it gives a simple and elegant look.

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6. Ganapati Mehendi Design For Forearms:

This is a massive Mehendi design especially given for the forearms with a Lord Ganesha holding a lotus flower on one hand and other hands with Ganesha sitting on the flower. This is a rare pattern Ganesh design in mehndi. This can be made with few more changes with some creative thoughts.

7. Simple Mehndi Designs Of Ganesh:

Everybody has an idea that mehndi designs are always very heavy in patterns. But it’s time to change that thinking. There are many simple designs like the above mehndi design Ganesh. Applying a simple Mehndi Design of Ganesha will give an elegant look for the palm. Heavy designs are not always preferred by everyone.

8. Arabic Ganesha Mehendi Design for Palm:

This is one of the simple Ganesh Arabic Mehndi designs for palm and finger gave with only head of Ganesha and the rest is given with some intricate stokes. If anyone is short on time amidst the preparations of Ganesha Chaturthi then this incredible design will give a beautiful look for the hand.

9. Elephant Design for Shoulder:

The devotees of Lord Ganesha can try out the mehndi design at their shoulder. Young generation shows much interest for designs in different places of the body like arm, ankle and so on. Besides other design, the symbol of the elephant looks stylish for the shoulder.

Ganesh Puja is referred to as a perfect start for all the new beginnings. Why not have Ganesha mehndi designs for the festivals or when going to tie the knot. Professional mehndi artists won’t let the design go down they will make sure they give a stunning henna Ganesh designs.

Say Ganpati Bappa Morya and gear up to done a Ganesh Mehndi Design on your feet and hands!

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