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Colorful Powder Room Upgrades From Instagram

Spring is bringing it this year. Soft, pink cherry trees, sunny forsythia, and pale violet lilacs dazzle our daily life. And as the outside world blooms in a rainbow of hues before our eyes, maybe it’s a cue that our home’s interiors could also benefit from a little colorful glow.

So as much as we love architectural upgrades and fun decor swaps, this week’s trending looks are about something else entirely—expanding your home’s color palette. And what better place to play than your powder room, a space meant for fun decor experimentation.

We scoured the latest and greatest decor looks on Instagram to bring you these five powder room looks that will amp up your home’s glow factor. Ready to see your bathroom bloom into a whole new season of color? Keep reading.

1. Pewter-blue cabinets

Are you thinking maybe it’s time to ditch your boring neutral cabinets for something a little more fun? Then you might like this pewter-blue makeover from @ksneeddesign.

“Navy-blue cabinets have been in the design scene for a while, but this lighter blue mixes it up without looking preppy,” says designer Mary Jo Major. “It works because it feels unexpected and yet classic at the same time. You can never go wrong with blue in the bathroom.”

Get the look: Opt for a classic color upgrade with this De Nimes paint from Farrow & Ball.

2. One-of-a-kind mirrors

If you really want to incorporate more subtle iterations of color while also enhancing your bathroom’s “living museum” quality, look no further than an artistically crafted, multicolored mirror like this one from @nicolehollissf.

“Think of a one-of-a-kind mirror as a piece of house jewelry,” says designer Allison Knizek. “There’s something about an artisan, handmade mirror in a confined space such as a powder room or entryway that denotes ‘jewel box.’”

Knizek recommends searching for mirrors inlaid with shell, woods, and metals in organic, asymmetric shapes, or gilded gold versions encrusted with irregular crystals.

Get the look: Transform your bathroom into your own personal museum with this Safavieh gold wreath antique mirror.

3. Terra-cotta pink sink

Color upgrades don’t have to feel as bold and daring as blue cabinets. They can also be subtle and earth-inspired, like this terra-cotta pink sink from

“As colors for plumbing fixtures continue to trend—especially for sinks and faucets—terra-cotta pink is one of those colors that’s not only earthy and warm but feminine and soft,” says Knizek. “It’s a versatile and unexpected color choice for a sink and can look as at home in a Spanish-style interior as it does in a modern, organic space.”

This natural hue also complements burnished plumbing choices such as brass and copper.

Get the look: Bring some earthenware hues into your powder room with Renopink handmade vessel sink.

4. Lilac lace wallpaper

Another subtle color glow-up we’re digging this week? This lilac lace wallpaper from @reuschinteriordesign.

“What I love about this trend is that it’s feminine but subtle simultaneously,” says Major. “It fits in with the ‘grandmilliennial‘ design trend without being over the top. It looks great with bright metals and light countertops or marble.”

Get the look: Add just the right amount of granny-chic style with this antique lilac wallpaper.

5. Gold towel rack

By far one of the most luxurious color schemes on this list, gold isn’t just an excellent choice for your bathroom fixtures. It’s also a fantastic hue for accessories, as seen in this towel rack from @lovetearsandteepees.

“The arrival of The Home Edit and Marie Kondo on Netflix has made Americans want every part of their life to be neat and orderly, including the bathroom,” says Major. “This simple but elegant gold towel rack gives access to what everyone needs while also creating a curated storage display that makes you smile when you see it.”

Get the look: Put your bathroom essentials on an orderly display with this contemporary gold rack.

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