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Trying to work out how to get Diablo Immortal gems? Though Blizzard’s new chapter in the popular undead-slaughtering series is pretty easy to complete in terms of the main story, it is undoubtedly pay-to-win (opens in new tab) in terms of its other elements. A big part of that grind is its gem system. You can slot these special stones into weapons and armour in order to stack specific abilities and create a powerful character, but they can be hard to get.

There are two types of gems: legendary and normal. If you’re just interested in getting the normal kind for your minor armour pieces, you should take a look at how to find Hidden Lairs (opens in new tab), since these mini-dungeons are the best way of getting them. If you’re looking to get the legendary kind, though, I’ll explain how the gem system works, the primary no-spend method, as well as a list of what they can do.

How to get legendary gems

How to get legendary gems in Diablo Immortal 

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