Diablo Immortal is flooded with boosting services but few players are willing to pay

One of the things you’ll notice a few hours into playing Diablo Immortal is that everything takes a long time. It’s designed that way: Diablo Immortal is a free to play mobile action RPG that borrows a lot of MMO mechanics to keep you playing regularly. The PC version, while still in beta, is not substantially different. Once you hit level 35, the game halts your leveling progress and forces you to engage with its battle pass and daily challenge systems to progress. While there’s nothing in the game to let you skip the sudden grind to the game’s level cap, there are already many websites popping up that will help you out.

Diablo Immortal boosting services will take your character and level them up for a price. It’s against Blizzard’s terms of service to have someone play on your account, but it’s a gray market that’s existed for as long as MMOs and online games have. Websites like Boosthive (opens in new tab) offer to power level your character to max level (1 to 60 is $133), run your character through endgame Elder Rifts for rare loot (10 runs is $40), and increase your endgame Paragon level (1 to 30 is $214). Boosthive also offers similar services for Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft.

Boosthive isn’t one of the names you’ll see spammed in Diablo Immortal’s global chat, but it is one of the main websites that’ll show up in a Google search. Despite the game’s controversial max level and legendary gem grind (opens in new tab) that would cost you potentially thousands of dollars to max out using the game’s version of loot boxes, players aren’t lining up for boosts, Boosthive’s head of sales, Leon, told me.

Diablo Immortal boosting website

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The people that are paying for Boosthive’s services, at least in the early stages of the game’s release, just want to skip the slow leveling process. “Currently, the most popular services are powerleveling and Paragon leveling. I can’t say we are surprised. These are usually the most common things in all Diablo games,” Leon told me.

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