Diablo Immortal won’t be released in Belgium or the Netherlands because of loot boxes

Diablo Immortal (opens in new tab) arrives later this week on mobile devices and, somewhat unexpectedly, PC, in an open beta that was revealed in April (opens in new tab). Unless you like in Belgium or the Netherlands, that is, in which case you won’t have access to the game—legitimately, at least.

The problem appears to be related to loot boxes, and specifically laws against them in those countries. Dutch gaming site Tweakers (opens in new tab) (via Google Translate (opens in new tab)) reported that a few days after Diablo Immortal pre-registration went live in the App Store and Google Play, it was disabled in Belgium and the Netherlands. An Activision Blizzard rep told the site that the removal was “related to the current operating conditions for games in those countries.”

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