Elden Ring Bloodhound Step location: Where to find this Ash of War

Hunting for the Bloodhound Step? Elden Ring has some pretty wild Ashes of War, letting you do anything from conjure magical seeking swords to doing a somersault and slamming your weapon down on foes. But in terms of utility, there is one ash of war in-particular that is above and beyond all others. That is Bloodhound’s Step.

At various points in the game you’ll have found yourself facing off against Bloodhound Knights, and one of the hardest things about them is that they can vanish in a cloud of smoke and re-appear right next to you. Well, that’s what Bloodhound’s Step does. It’s basically a better version of quickstep but can also be used as a means of traversal, letting you zoom through poison swamps, for example.

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