Former 3D Realms owners clash over Duke Nukem Forever blame

Apogee, which also went by 3D Realms at one time, published a number of successful and super-influential games, but it’s known best for its greatest disaster: the 15-year-long development of Duke Nukem Forever, which was ultimately completed by Gearbox. After footage of a 2001 build of the game leaked this week, Apogee co-founders Scott Miller and George Broussard opened up, just a little, about what “killed the original 3D Realms”—and the former high school friends are pointing their fingers at each other.

Miller, who recently resumed publishing games under the Apogee name, said in a brief blog post today that he didn’t work on the Duke Nukem Forever project, but as co-owner of the company, had “good insight into the issues” that turned it into a “money pit.” Those issues, claims Miller, were that the studio was “understaffed by at least 50%,” didn’t have “a good development roadmap,” and kept rebooting the game to switch to new 3D tech, “causing massive delays over and over.”

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