Loot River, the ‘Diablo and Tetris had a baby’ game, is out today

Loot River was revealed in 2021 as the pixel-art dungeon crawler offspring we would get “if Diablo and Tetris had a baby.” There was no launch date set at the time, and developer has only said that it’s coming soon. Until today, that is—because now it’s out. 

But first things first: What exactly would occur if Diablo and Tetris had a baby? In this particular case, real-time combat in a top-down roguelike adventure that takes place in procedurally-generated labyrinths built on shifting geometric shapes. You’ll hack-and-slash your way through the monstrous hordes like an old-time hero, but you can also buttress your abilities even further by taking advantage of the fluid landscape: Slide up next to a monster on a distant block, give it the ol’ one-two, and then slide away before it can react.

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