May I present to you: the mechanical cheeseboard

This mechanical keyboard isn’t really called the cheeseboard but I couldn’t resist the pun. It’s called the ‘Ajazz AC067 Cheese Gasket RGB Mechanical Keyboard’, which actually might be even better solely for the phrase ‘Cheese Gasket’.

This 65% keyboard is made by Ajazz, a Chinese gaming peripheral company, and for its cheesy exterior is still as much a mechanical gaming keyboard as any other. It comes with Kailh Box Yellow switches, specially designed alongside the well-known key switch manufacturer, which offer a smooth linear keystroke. That’s a good choice for gaming, but you’re not locked in with these if you want something different. The PCB is actually hot-swappable, which is a growing trend with mech boards today and a welcome one at that. It means you can pull these switches out and swap them out for others of your liking, if you prefer. Or just swap out a dead switch in the rare instance one breaks.

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