PC Gamer UK June Issue: Step into a new world of survival with Nightingale

Valheim is great, but does it let you chat with 1800s American journalist Nellie Bly between copper runs? Thought not. But in the Victorian fantasy world of Nightingale,  you’ll be hanging out with all sorts of colourful NPCs, from real historical figures to fey monsters. It brings together the co-op survival of Valheim with storytelling and world-building like Dragon Age, thanks to a team of ex-BioWare developers, and we’ve delved into everything from its epic boss fights, to its remarkable player freedom, to its fashionable hats. 

Is Elden Ring too hard for you – or even too easy? This issue we’ve rounded up the best mods for FromSoftware’s masterpiece, giving you all the tools you need to mess with the difficulty, take stunning screenshots, become invisible, learn new spells, and more. 

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