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The Ultimate Listing Presentation: A Guide For Real Estate Agents

Bring your confident self and exceptional service to every client opportunity. From there, follow these steps to devise an effective listing presentation that will have you winning listings like a champ, says The Agency’s Rainy Hake Austin.

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In the current competitive real estate market — where inventory is low and competition among buyers is stiff — your listing presentation is more important than ever. This is your moment, your opportunity to stand out, make a connection and provide authentic value.

Your potential client doesn’t just want to know what you’ll do for them, but they want to know how you’ll do it. What kind of service experience are you going to provide? Are your personality and expertise going to be a good fit for them? What energy and perspective are you bringing to the table? How does your brokerage support your efforts?

So, it’s time to be you. Bring your entire self to the opportunity with confidence and consider these essential elements as you devise an effective listing presentation that will have you winning listings like a champ.

1. Remember: The home is center stage, but so are you

First things first — introduce yourself, and share some background on your career, expertise and passions. It’s wise to put your elevator pitch at the beginning of your presentation to capture their interest while you still have their rapt attention.

What’s your personal value proposition? Emphasize this from the very beginning, and tie it as a thread throughout your presentation. Pick a few things that you really excel at, and make those shine. You don’t have to be an expert in everything — that’s where your brokerage has your back.

2. Put the power of your brokerage behind you

It’s important to let your potential clients know that you have an entire brokerage supporting you in the representation of their home. Share some details as to the marketing, technology, syndication and networking resources and tools that your brokerage provides you with.

For example, at our brokerage, our collaborative culture is one of the key differentiating factors that agents are able to leverage. We work together as a unified team; this means that agents have the nuanced knowledge of a vast network of experienced professionals at their fingertips. Additionally, our technology tools make the entire process streamlined for agents and clients alike.

3. Market yourself as well as you’ll market their home

Your listing presentation may be your potential client’s first impression of you, so make it great. If you’re presenting yourself as a marketing or technology expert, then walk your talk. Make your presentation beautiful and tech-forward (go digital).

Sometimes fewer words have more impact. Keep your language short and concise (we all have limited attention spans), and add design elements when you can.

Remember, these are your talking points for your presentation. Much of what you communicate will be through your verbal presentation and body language, so you don’t need to overwhelm them with the written word.

4. Plant opportunities for connection

In the end, you want to make a personal connection with your potential client. In addition to your services, they are vetting you as a person and partner in this transaction. Shed some light on who you are, what your passions are and what you do in your free time.

Moments of connection will propel you as a candidate and will help make your entire presentation more memorable, unique and special. As you learn more about the client, find ways to engage in their interests and relate to them.

5. Have your numbers ready

It is crucial to show the value of your client’s home based on the current market. Some sellers will be highly numbers-focused and others won’t — so be prepared for both scenarios. Of course, the No. 1 question a seller has is how much they can get for their property, so have an answer ready.

After completing a thorough tour of the client’s property, put together a preliminary competitive market analysis. Don’t forget to compare the home’s condition, updates and aesthetics. This will allow you to share an educated opinion on the value of the home and how it should be priced compared to other homes on the market in the same range and region.

6. Avoid oversharing

Yes, you want to enlighten your potential client as to the details of their future sale, but don’t bore them with too many details or overwhelm them with information.

Here’s what they really need to know: You’ll be in their corner every step of the way. They don’t have to worry about the ins and outs of the sale because you’ll be seamlessly handling it all. Deliver them peace of mind and have them sighing breaths of relief by the time you head out the door.

7. Close with a bang

Your presentation went great — congratulations! Now here’s the final key: Don’t let them forget you. Stay top-of-mind and make a memorable impression with a leave-behind. This could be a printed version of your presentation or a folder with helpful materials, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Consider an iPad with a pre-downloaded presentation for a high-end client or a little plus-one like gourmet cupcakes from a local bakery (hey, it shows you’re local).

Within each of these tips is a common theme: confidence. If you believe in yourself, your services and the value you provide to your clients, you will shine. Shoulders back, smile and breathe — your authentic self and unique skill set will bring you far. It’s time to communicate them.

Rainy Hake Austin is president of The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with her on Instagram

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