V Rising doesn’t make me feel much like a vampire

I remember my first night in Minecraft, hiding in a hole I’d dug in the ground, waiting for the sun to come up while zombies mumbled and grumbled outside. V Rising reverses that. I spend my days in the dark, then come out at night to hunt. Emerging from my lair, I transform into a wolf and search the land for veins to tap: veins of rich copper ore.

As a survival game it was inevitable V Rising would have you chop down an unsustainable number of trees. Which I did, with twin axes I made from scavenged bones. I also had a mace made of bone for clubbing menhirs into stone or ore, and a sword made of bone for attacking anything that could fight back. But it took a lot of copper ore, transformed into ingots via the furnace back at my castle, to push my solo civilization out of the Bone Age.

(Image credit: Stunlock Studios)

I use the word ‘castle’ loosely. Back then it didn’t even have a roof, and even now it’s just a big flat rectangle with walls where I keep all my crafting equipment. There’s a tannery, a lumber mill, a grinder, a blood press to condense blood essence, a research desk, an upgrade desk, and more besides. 

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