You can now play through Team Fortress 2’s Meet the Spy short

Way back in the day, Valve had a wonderful idea for marketing Team Fortress 2—it made a bunch of high-quality shorts that were both funny and encapsulated something about the team member they focused on. Everyone has their favourite (Pyro is best, as always) but they’re all pretty great, and one of the best was Meet the Spy.

It’s a great couple of minutes, with an expertly delivered ‘your mother’ joke, and manages to pack a huge amount of TF2 personality in there while also underlining just how dangerous a spy can be. Now, thirteen years after the short’s release, creator Pinewabble has released a map for TF2 that recreates the full short in 2Fort: to the extent that you can run the original short in-tandem as the map plays out.

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